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About Us

As a cancer survivor, I am on a personal mission to give other survivors a way to feel confident and beautiful, once again. We have all gone through so much with our battles to survive. Building the self-esteem of a person who has had a long, hard fight against this disease is what I am here for. Why not feel beautiful with a colorful scarf that will let people know about the strong person they are meeting? Each scarf you will find on this page represents a different form of cancer and the color of ribbons that go with it. Behind every scarf there is a meaning.

I work with families of survivors and survivors of cancer everyday with my lingerie store, helping them feel beautiful after a mastectomy and building their body confident self-esteem. Let me help you with a scarf that tells the world you have won your fight.

Each of these scarves are made from 100% silk. I chose silk because of the beautiful imperfections in the material. None of us have the perfect body, but our beauty comes from us embracing our imperfections.

Silk can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There is a soft, luxurious feel to the material as it brushes up against your skin, making you feel beautiful. You are beautiful. When you feel beautiful, everyone can see it. Your inner beauty radiates from the inside out. Let it shine through.

With each purchase of one of these beautiful scarves, $10.00 will go to a cancer research to help find a cure. I am giving back to the people who have helped so many of us. Let's win this fight, together. Anyone can purchase a scarf, no matter where you are in the world.